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Services for Homebuyers

The home buying process has been transformed with the advent of the internet. So much information is available to anyone searching for a home: property detail, tax records, photographs, maps and more. However, online resources can only tell part of the story. Buying the right home requires a much more personalized approach. It is vital to have someone you trust, someone who knows the local market well, representing you and looking out for your best interests.

Tricia understands this. She starts her work with every new client by building a relationship of trust….getting to know and valuing what is most important to each individual.

Tricia’s Signature Services:

  • Utilize the suite of state-of-the-art COMPASS tools and networks
  • Prioritize your particular needs, including location, size, finances, timeline, aesthetics, etc
  • Access to properties before they are listed on the market
  • Access to Tricia’s personal network of contacts and productive professional relationships with agents throughout the metro area
  • Tricia is your own Washington Whisperer: a local expert on neighborhoods, areas, and amenities around the city
  • Extensive list of referrals: the best decorators, contractors, plumbers, and other service providers to help you settle into your new house and make it home

Are you ready to find your dream home? Let’s talk tmess(at)compass(dotted)com

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